Un-Enclosed Structures

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To design partially or fully un-enclosed buildings new data fields are available in the Contractor series beginning with version 2.0.25. The only requirement to create a partially or fully un-enclosed building is to edit the 'Siding Boost From Grade' field in the Steel Calculations section of the Preferences tab.

Instead of a single field for boost from grade for siding we now have a field for each sidewall and endwall. Here are the steps required to create an un-enclosed building with 10' walls and (2) 2x10 truss supports.

Step 1. After starting the app change each siding boost from grade field to 110.75. (120" - 9.25" = 110.75 which is wall height - truss support height).
Step 2. Enter the building size and draw the elevation drawings locally.

That is all that is required. As an example, if the building has 12" of overhang and a 4/12 pitch with a 6 3/16" heel the siding lengths on the sidewalls will calculate to 7" as illustrated below.

If you need the siding to drop 2' then just change the boost from grade to suit the project requirements.

Remember that the elevation drawings must be drawn after changing siding boost from grade to sync up with the wall section drawings and siding length calculations.

Three Sides Enclosed