Pricing Overhead Doors

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Step 1: 
Right click on the app, then left click on 'Open Preference Folder'.
Then double click on the 'Default' Folder
Within the default folder find the file 'overhead.txt'

This is the file you will place the model number of the overhead door in.  For instance :

2250 Un-insulated
2283 Insulated
3216 Wood Grain Insulated

(Whatever you want to place there so the supplier can order it for you.)

Step 2:
Add the item codes and prices to the price.xls file
Then upload the price.xls file to the server.

Within price.xls, if my model number is '2250 Un-insulated' I will need to input each size and price:

8x7-2250 Un-Insulated
8x8-2250 Un-Insulated
9x8-2250 Un-Insulated


The software 'computes' the part number by taking the size, placing a dash character
between the size and the input you place in the overhead.txt file located 
in the Preferences folder.

When you run the 'Summary Material List' the part number is printed out within 
the overhead door description as shown below:

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