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Preliminary Notes

• Eave Lite Panel setup must be performed before you draw the building
• After drawing the building eave lite inputs can be fine tuned / adjusted
• Dropping eave lites below truss supports required Z-trim on top and bottom

In order for eave lite panels to be enabled there are two fields that must be maintenanced. The eave lite material must be specified and the eave lite height must be entered.

The final input affords the option to drop eave lites below the truss supports and place them anywhere in the wall.

Here is sample input for eave lites on both sidewalls 24" tall and dropped 18" for a no overhang building with 2x12 truss supports and a 6" heel on the truss.

After completion of this input the elevation drawings will include eave lite panel shapes as specified by input.

You may change the 'Eave Lite Panel Type' material specification to a description that suits your needs. This is done in the 'Steel Trims' section of Preferences. The description listed in the trims section is used to populate the drop down boxes for Side 1 and Side 2 eave lites.

After changing the descriptions for eave lites in the 'Steel Trims' section, save your preferences and restart the app to refresh the drop down options for future use.


To price eave lite panels simply copy and paste the description field for eave lites A & B within the 'Steel Trims' section to the price.xls file and then upload it to the server. The cost entry required is per foot as shown below.

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