Custom Header Drawings

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E Elevations Contractor app provides an SKU entry for each door opening to select the model of door being sold.

Now during that process you can select a header drawing to display materials used for each frame out and include an SVG drawing of the door opening on the Wall Section drawing within the planset. The type and number of fasteners can be entered to complete the text included with the frame out drawing.

The example below illustrates designing an 8' tall and 11' tall overhead door opening on a building with a 12' wall height.

door opening drawing
Within the bottom tab for Framing / Kits select a drawing based upon the type of door and frame out required.

door opening drawing

These drawings will be placed on the WallSection 2 page within the planset. To omit the drawings don't select a header drawing during the Framing entry process.

door opening drawing

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