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                    2.0.18 - Save / Restore Versioning

                             Associate slab thickness with elevation drawing door placement

                             Remove zero quantity skirt board on staging lists and summary material list
                             when skirt board quantity = 0

                    2.0.19 - Allow any post spacing on porch / lean-to sidewalls
                             Fix door resize error when multiple door sizes on same wall
                             Correct text spacing on lumber application detail when drill set or wet set brackets are specified
                             Adjust placement of cardinal directions on post plan when large buildings are produced.
                             Add buttons to allow porch adjustment for 'restored jobs' (buttons were missing if porches present)
                             Corrected Overhead door trim not respecting maximum length setting
                             Adjust length of wall corner trim when porches start or end on corners.
                             Correct porch position on monoslope elevation drawing with high side overhang
                             Center cupola for roofline workbench generated endwall drawings
                             Resize footers and uplift cleats on porch drawings
                             Do not draw cupola for monoslope or dual pitch designs

                    2.0.20 - Correct siding length calculation for auto centered doors
                             Remove return preventing display of (2) 24" or (2) 36" or (2) 48" cupola

                    2.0.21 - Correct door knob placement on entry doors not 3' wide
                             Correct 9 lite window placement on entry doors not 3' wide
                             Fix rafter price calculation (using wrong variable for rafter length)
                             Add Double door skin, frame outs, pricing
                             Distingish between doors/windows (priced items) & rough openings (no SKU assigned) on summary material list

                    2.0.22 - Correct wallsection.js to provide framing materials for doors positioned to the inch rather than only even feet.
                             Increase skirt board height to 6" on elevation drawings so siding doesn't show below doors with openings raised for 6" slab.
                             Suppress price/cost display on app unless 'everything' is checked
                             Round footer quantity to even integer if decimal input is encountered
                             Enable On Edge purlin enhancement
                             Correct calculation of lumber lengths for un-even bay plans.
                    2.0.25   Enhancement:  Use siding start to create pavilion / roof only designs.
                             Modify cupola sizes to size by base not overall measurement.
                             Change purlin overlap to partial overlap (on edge purlins) to reduce lumber usage and fix 10' oc designs.
                             Add RIDGECAP-CLEAR to price.xls, include "CLEAR" in RIDGECAP DESCRIPTION (under Preferences) to cost/order clear ridgecap
                    2.0.26   Enhancement: Implement custom header drawings for door openings
                    2.0.27   Enable on the fly color changes for steel and trims
                             Change app restart function to work with recent Windows 10 update
                             Add Eave Lite Panels to Sides of Buildings
                    2.0.28   Modify gable function s.9128 preventing gambrel and polynesian shapes from changing colors dynamically.
                             Enable dynamic wainscot addition/deletion on drawn shapes.
                             Restore color choices when restoring jobs from history (jobs are not grandfathered)
                             Correct display of cupola on elevation drawing when (3) of the same size are selected
                             Add 3 ply Loose missing header drawings to Framing Tab
                             Implement joist hangers for porches
                             Increase rows of skirt board available for designs.
                             Add option to center notch posts for truss saddle.
                             Rename 'Porch & Lean-To' menu option to 'Wing Manager'.
                             Add 'Create Quotation' to App.
                    2.0.29   Add truss types to include single ply, dual ply, and double trusses.
                             Add option to overlap or partial overlap on edge purlins
                             Add 'Common Trusses' 'End Trusses' 'Purlin Rows' to Applicator
                                 to allow addition of knee braces per truss, hangers per purlin rows
                    2.0.30	 Addition of purlin hanger part numbers for saddle and single hangers
                             Enhance porch post placement. Delete and move posts from std spacing
                    2.0.31   Reorganize app interface and create expandable/contractable preference sections.
                            Fix pattern misalignment comparing main wing to porches with overhang.
                            Add new input field in Wing Manager called "Side Post Positions" to enable deletion, addition, or moving sidewall porch posts anywhere.
                            Add supports and headers to wall section drawings to facilitate wall construction.

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